Thursday, June 25, 2009

The CGDSRun is Officially ON!

That's right!
We are a GO for Juy 17th, 18th, and the 19th this year of 2009.
The course will go over two days and is set to accomodate all riding abilities and desires.

Please RSVP No-Later-Than the 10th of July if you plan to play so we can produce all the necessary Maps and Roll Charts.

The main equipment necessary for game play are:
  • A street legal DS moto
  • GPS capable of downloading several routes at once
  • A roll chart holder
  • And a very adventurous riding attitude
Check out the When and Where section to the left side of the page for more info.

See you out there!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

2009 Geocache DS Run coming this July...

Hey folks,

Local Flagstaffian and fellow dual-sporter David Zimmerman and I, have teamed up to make this Geocache DS Run a reality this summer of 2009.

The proposed dates are for July 17-19, 2009 in conjunction with the CTR Rider Days. Please stay tuned for updates on this page as Dave and I get the logistics ironed out.

Ride long, ride hard!


Monday, September 8, 2008



So GPS technology has come a long ways sense the pluggers of the military.

If your wondering what sort of unit will do, here's a bit of info:

The primary requirements of which ever unit you use are
  1. It can download data from a computer
  2. It can be mounted to your handlebars
Anything from an old Garmin GPS12, an eTrex to a modern super-wammy Street Pilot will do the job.

I like to make a general categorization of GPS Receivers into Map capable and non-map capable units.

In our game, mostly the GPS unit will be used in compass mode so you can utilize the Compass Bearings as you follow the Route and Roll Charts finding your way along the route and to the hidden GeoCaches.

The Compass Bearings (guided by your Roll Chart) will be more important in some sections than just following the Route alone, due to constant satellite loss. When we get out to the Cinder Hills OHV area, this will be most important!

One advantage of the Map capable units is the software will allow rerouting if one "gets lost."

However, I must send a word of caution to the wise: Many of the roads available on the current GPS mapping software for all the makes of GPS units are incomplete and even inaccurate!

The maps I will provide will have many of my own additional data not available on any public maps of software (but instead from my own innumerable hours of exploration and mapping! What fun!)
That along with the Waypoint Key (and a headlamp if it gets really bad) will get you out of trouble.

Just ride within your ability and hopefully with a good buddy!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Vendor List

Roll Chart Holder
Arrowhead Motorsports
TPI Motorcycle Parts
Moose Racing
Dual Star (Phone Orders only)
Ebay listings

Space Blankets
Heavier-duty spaceblanket/shelter

Princetontec Aqua Strobe (this has been the strobe I have used for a long time and is the choice of many Adventure Racers)

Map Holders

I modified a standard trail vinyl holder to attach onto the handlebars of my bike using a sewing machine. Some folks use bar-bags, rolls, or tank bags, which all cost no less than $40.
If you need an excuse to go buy one, check out Wolfman Luggage, Dual-Star and Motorcycle-Superstore.

An economic solution would be to buy some double-sided adhesive Velcro to attach a Vinyl Map Holder to your tank...then use Goo-Gone to remove the gunk.

No matter what you do, it is highly recommended that you have the appropriate maps at view's ready.

Anyhow, here's another possibilty:
REI Bar mounted Map Holder

Good Prices, too!

When and Where?

Geocache GPS Run
When: July 17, 18 & 19, 2009

Where: Coconino Co National Forest in Flagstaff AZ

6-8pm at Macy Coffee House ( located at 10 S. Beaver St, Flagstaff AZ 86001) for:
Downloading GPS files
Recieving Roll Charts
General Game Play instructions.

Starts: 7am sharp for a 7:30am start from Macy's Coffee House (Macy's opens at 6am) for Day 1 Loop.
Be ready with a FULL TANK of FUEL!
We start together through the town of Flagstaff to the beginning of track
(then it's madness from there!).
Finish: 6pm in time for organized group BBQ for war stories, food and BEER! Pot luck- feel free to add to the feast! Location details TBA.

Start: 8am at Macy's Coffee House for Day 2 Loop. We Start together once again to the beginning of the track.
NLT 8pm at Beaver Street Brewery (across the street from Macy's) for the best local beer and amazing food.

Waypoint and Route Files

Coming soon!

Camping Information

  1. There are reportedly nearly one hundred motel/hotel options in the area.
  2. Camping in the National Forest is permited up to 14 days with certain areas open to responisble ground fire pit use.
  3. Campgrounds with facilities are available in the area as well...I will gather locations and other info soon!
Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding places to park yourself and your machine for the weekend. We will try to provide as much information and resources as possible regarding camping regulations. However, girls and boys, ultimately it will be each rider's responsibility to know the forest regulations.