Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bonus Geocaches

GC19 "The Climb"
Description: Techi rock climb and descent, easy navigation
Score: 13 points

MinDec: N35 05.830' W111.39.344'
UTM: 12S 440234 3884015

Notes: At base of middle tree
Status: Waiting Final Placement

GC25 "The Garden"
Description: Fairly technical Rock Climb...leads to 'Super-Bonus GC27'

MinDec: N34 55.055' W111 32.894'
UTM: 12S 449923 3864041

Notes: Burned-hallow of lone tall oak tree. Contains instructions to GC27.
Status: Complete

GC27 "Strictly Organic" (Super-Bonus)
Description: For the truly adventurous...long, awesome and TECHI!
It's like eating Cookie-dough, suhn!
Score: 89 points!

MinDec: Location Secret
UTM: Location Secret

Notes: Make sure you have enough time...if so, very much worth the effort.
Located within tree stump
Status: Complete

GC8 "Hoxworth Springs"
Description: 4x4 rocky track of flat and easy navigation. Long.
Score: 21 points

MinDec: N35 02.047' W111 34.937'
UTM: 12S 446888 3876982

Notes: On top of left bank at end of track. To-and-back
Status: Awaiting Final Placement

GC23 "Walnut Canyon TH"
Description: Rough descents but ends with a view and exits on fast FS roads.

MinDec: N35 09.790' W111 31.517'
UTM: 12S 452163 3891264

Notes: Located at left end of perimeter fence, within oak grove.
Status: Complete

Mandatory Geocaches

GC20 "The First One"
Description: Fast and furious one-lane FS roads.
Score: 1 point

MinDec: N 35 07.103' W111 36.991'
UTM: 12S 443823 3886345

Notes: Behind Trail Marker
Status: Awaiting Final Placement

GC21 "The Park"
Description: Cindercone Wonderland inside a Volcanic Crater
Score: 2 points

MinDec: N34 54.564' W111 32.056
UTM: 12S 451193 3863127

Notes: Oak trees between ponderosa pines.
Exit Option: The obvious 2-track to the NE circles around crater back to main area of Park.
Status: Complete

GC11 "Marshal Lake"
Description: Breathtaking Meadow Landscape with The Kastina Mtns in the distance.
Score: 3 points

MinDec: N35 08.055' W111 31.978'
UTM: 12S 451445 3888061

Notes: At base of lone dwarf juniper
Status: Complete

GC14 "Cinder Hills"
Description: Made of cinder, rides like sand!
Score: 34 points

MinDec: N35 21.651' W111 25.898'
UTM: 12S 460786 3913146

Notes: Watch those GPS units and pay attention to the Roll Chart...navigating is tough through here and even the most powerful units lose reception!
Status: Route Complete; Awaiting Final Placement

GC13 "Alpine Oasis"
Description: Grand Finale-Sunset View of Flagstaff and Coconino National Forest
Score: 8 points

MinDec: N35 14.327' W111 36.383'
UTM: 12S 444828 3899692

Notes: mild-techi rock climb and descent. Located next to old tree.
Status: Awaiting Final Placement