Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mandatory Equipment Checklist

To Play your gonna need some stuff:

The Minimum:
1. Road Legal Moto capable of 100++ miles per tank
2. GPS Receiver capable of downloading data from computer
3. Roll Chart Holder (See List of Vendor sources)
4. Scotch Tape and Pen
5. Resettable Odometer

The Rest (Proper Adventure Gear)
6. Equipment to Change Flat and other messes
7. Helmet

8. (qty: 2) 1 Liter bottles of water
9. At least one extra Energy bar in case you BONK. And I mean an EXTRA one...hide it for emergencies.
10. Personal Space Blanket

11. Mobile Phone
12. Signal Strobe or White flashing bicycle light
13. Loud Whistle or motorcycle horn
14. Headlamp or flashlight (bring a little one)

Be Responsible, be safe, have way too much fun!

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