Sunday, September 7, 2008

When and Where?

Geocache GPS Run
When: July 17, 18 & 19, 2009

Where: Coconino Co National Forest in Flagstaff AZ

6-8pm at Macy Coffee House ( located at 10 S. Beaver St, Flagstaff AZ 86001) for:
Downloading GPS files
Recieving Roll Charts
General Game Play instructions.

Starts: 7am sharp for a 7:30am start from Macy's Coffee House (Macy's opens at 6am) for Day 1 Loop.
Be ready with a FULL TANK of FUEL!
We start together through the town of Flagstaff to the beginning of track
(then it's madness from there!).
Finish: 6pm in time for organized group BBQ for war stories, food and BEER! Pot luck- feel free to add to the feast! Location details TBA.

Start: 8am at Macy's Coffee House for Day 2 Loop. We Start together once again to the beginning of the track.
NLT 8pm at Beaver Street Brewery (across the street from Macy's) for the best local beer and amazing food.

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